Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner K1050P

Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner K1050P
MYR 1850.00

    odel: 1050P (Made in Germany)
    Professional quality at a very competitive price.


    • High quality brass pump.
    • Durable high performance motor.
    • Smart rapid change system made with hardened stainless steel for connection between gun and lance.
    • Compact storage size for the gun, lance and cable.
    Operating Pressure   130 Bar
    Water Output 7.5 Liters/minute (450 Liters/hour)
    Admissible Overpressure   160 Bar
    Inlet Water Temperature Maximum 60°C
    Motor Speed 2800rpm
    Connected Load 230V, 9.6A, 50Hz
    Power Intake 2.2 kW
    Power Output 1.65 kW
    Weight 19 kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 375mm x 360mm x 900mm