Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52

Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52
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Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52 (AWS A5.1 E7016)

Kobelco Welding Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a reputable manufacturer of covered electrodes since 1979. Among our sought after and affordable electrode products is the Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52 (AWS A5.1 E7016).

Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52 (AWS A5.1 E7016) is a low Hydrogen type of electrode, ideal for both 490N/mm2 high tensile steel and mild steel in almost every welding application. These welding electrodes were developed in the year 1958, where “L” refers to Low Hydrogen and “B” signifies a slag shielding covered electrode.

The outstanding features of Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52 (AWS A5.1 E7016), which makes it incomparable among others, are the following:
• Excellent usability in out-of-position welding processes
• Provides better arc concentration
• Effortless slag removal
• Smoother bead appearance
• Superior mechanical properties
• Reliable tensile strength
• Higher impact value
• Magnificent X-ray soundness

Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52 (AWS A5.1 E7016) has undergone keen quality control to consistently maintain outstanding features that our local and international customers are looking for. To get the full details regarding our welding electrodes and other welding consumables, simply contact our team or post your inquiries below.