Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52-18

Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52-18
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Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52-18 (AWS A5.1 E7018)

Welding made easier and faster! Have the confidence in the quality of your welds in various welding applications. Different kinds of welding electrodes including this Kobelco Welding Electrode LB-52-18 (AWS A5.1 E7018) are now provided at Kobelco Welding Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

We offer you this quality and highly reliable welding consumable, featuring a low-hydrogen electrode with a high deposition rate for mild steel and 490N/mm2 high tensile steel. Thus, it results to a shorter time welding as well as reduced labor costs. The LB-52-18 is the leading welding electrode among various low hydrogen electrodes. It is widely used in diverse fields including steel structures, machinery, shipbuilding, bridge construction, etc. This type of welding rod provides superior welding performance, featuring unsurpassed arc stability and a superior weld bead profile, with either DC or AC currents. It also has extreme mechanical properties that include high impact value and constant tensile strength. In addition, it offers superior crack resistibility, thus ideal for low temperature applications down to -20℃.
Key Specifications/Special Features:
• Easy and fast welding
• Low hydrogen electrode with high deposition rate
• Used in steel structures, machinery, shipbuilding & bridge construction
• Provides superior welding performance with unsurpassed arc stability
• Has extreme mechanical properties
• Offers superior crack resistibility