JO LONG A65-G Air Operated Grease Pump 

JO LONG A65G Air Operated Grease Pump 
MYR 1800.00

    JO LONG A65–G Air Operated Grease Pump 

    Capacity:20 Liter 
    Air Input Pressure:4 ~ 9 bar 60 ~ 130 psi 
    Pressure Ratio:45 : 1 
    Grease Output Pressure:180 ~ 405 bar 2700 ~ 5850 psi 
    Deliver Rate:30 cc / sec 
    Hose Length:10 ft 
    N.W.:21 kg 
    G.W.:23.5 kg 
    CUFT:6.2 ’ 
    Feature : 
    1. The barrel body is made of high-grade steel plate. It came to become durable & lasting even more after being made manually. 
    2. Inside diameter (ID) of barrel is 350mm. The inside height of barrel is 430mm. It can contain 5 gallons of barrel packed grease from all nations around the world. 
    3. Suitable for all sorts of machinery, vehicles, airplanes, ships, etc. The efficient instrument for infusing grease powerfully for lubrication & maintenance purpose. 
    4. Pump of separate type : utilize the principle of liquid getting pumped & driven by air compressor to draw in liquid. There are two independent & separate cycle systems of pump out there, which prevents air-compressor-exhaust moisture from getting to the grease inside the barrel & deteriorating its quality.