Portable Automatic Gas Cutting Machine IK-12 BEETLE

Murex IK-12 BEETLE
MYR 3000.00

    IK-12 BEETLE

    I-12 Beetle is an affordable portable oxy fuel cutting machine with a high quality motor driven and a mechanical non-stage speed changer. The improved transportability and operability will surely contribute to rationalization and labour saving of cutting operation.

    *** Features ***

    • The single cone system (mechanical non-stage variation device) assures constantly stable travel even with high temperatures.

    • Easy operability is controlled by forward/ off / reverse switch, clutch lever and speed adjustment knob.

    • An adjustable radius bar for circle cutting is optionally available.

    • Single or dual torch models, two torch model available for parallel cutting.

    • 2 railway suit for cut unlimited longer parts and groove range : 1. Y. V. (45inch)

    • Lightless for handling and transportation.

    *** Accessories ***

    IK-12 Beetle S-100 Torch x 1 set.

    Rail 1.8 meter (72inch) x 1 set.

    ANME Cutting Nozzle 1/16, 1/32, 3/64 x 1 set.

    Specification Description
    Cutting Thickness 5 - 100mm (0.25 - 4 inch)
    Cutting Speed 150 - 800mm (6 - 32 inch) / min
    Speed Control Single cone system
    Power 220V AC
    Weight 9.5kg (20.9lbs) - one torch model
    Size 350 x 140 x 175mm