Powerjet 1925°C

MYR 348.00

    Powerjet 1925°C

    ***For DIY Applications***

    •Full range of 6 easily interchangeable burners

    •Trigger on/off function helps prevent LPG wastage

    •Only operates if the burner has been correctly fitted

    •Reliable Automatic Piezo. Ignition (up to 30 000 ignitions) delivered with Sievert Powergas

    •Developed for DIY applications like soft soldering, fire lighting, loosening bolts, paint stripping and cooking

    •Light weight composite handle

    •Delivered with 8704 standard burner

    •Provides a flame temperature of 1925°C

    *** Specification ***

    Specification Description
    Gas Powergas
    Soft YES
    Temperature°C 1925°C
    Bars 1.0