398AR Flowmeter Regulator

Hero Tech
MYR 95.00

    398AR Flowmeter Regulator

    398 Series flowmeter regulators are designed for MIG & TIG applications and provide accurate regulation of gas flow. Provide reliable performance in commercial , industrial and laboratory applications.

    *** Features ***

    • Combination of regulator and flowmeter as one unit.

    • Compact lightweight construction.

    • Piston type construction.

    • Body machined from class (A) brass bar stock.

    • Polycarbonate flow tube and outer cover are impact resistant.

    • For maximum durability and service life. Calibrated for AR, Co2, He ,N2 and air gases.


    *** ***

    Specification Description
    Stock code HPT-GAR-398AR-II
    Gas service Argon
    Flow capacity (SCFH) 50
    Inlet gauge 1-1/2inch 4000psi
    Flowmeter (SCFH) 60
    Inlet connector BSP5/8 inch
    Outlet connection 3/8RH
    Weight (g) 680